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LakModern Jewelry

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About Us

Contemporary Handcrafted Jewelries With Precious Sri Lankan Gemstones

Our goal is to make our jewelries immortal with mother earth's precious metals and gemstones and bring you a piece of genuine, unique and quality jewelry for a reasonable price because our jewelry is hand made at our workshop and we have a remarkable collection of gemstones from our motherland Sri Lanka.

Our website is unique because it is not another Amazon or an eBay where you explore so many pretty items that you want but inside you know it is just fake glass or steel that don't last long and eventually waste your money.

Why invest money on something that doesn't last or has no valve? Welcome to our store and we will make sure you find a unique piece of art, that is real and valuable with precious and semi precious gemstones and precious metals, also fit to your budget and last for generations. Because when you leave our store we want to make sure you are satisfied and pleased with your investment.

Most of our gems are real gemstones from mother earth where it takes millions of years to get that natural color. We will guarantee you, colors of our gemstones will not change for generations because it is a guarantee from our mother earth. That will only make our jewelries immortal so you can pass along to your daughters and grand-kids which will only increase the price when people come up with all these man made glass stones and imitation jewelries for pennies. With our jewelry you can have a piece of mind with the assurance that you made a valuable investment last for generations...!!

LakModern Jewelry

Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA..!!!

Why Pick LakModern Jewelry?

Genuine Gemstones from Sri Lanka Unique Piece of Modern Art Precious Metals
There are no doubt that man made glass gemstones are getting popular in the market eve though they don’t have any long term valve . Our goal is to use natural gemstones as much as we can because they will not change color for another million of years. Designs were completed at our workshop with highly skilled jewelers who has been trained only for making quality products. We only work with silver, gold and white gold because those metals will not deteriorate and only increases the price with the inflation by making them a perfect life time investment.

These three components will make our jewelry immortal because genuine products will last for generations..!!!

It was famous that 12-carat oval blue Ceylon sapphire from Sri Lanka was used for Princess Diana’s engagement ring eventually gifted to royal fiancee Kate Middleton. (Read more!)